Things about me:

  • I live in Brooklyn with my husband Damien and our dog Betty. Damien and Betty are native New Yorkers, but I was born in Israel and grew up in Texas.
  • Rafi is short for Rafael.
  • My name was supposed to be spelled Raphael but Dad forgot which spelling he and Mom preferred when he was filling out the birth certificate.
  • I can make balloon animals.
  • I'm a Baron in the Principality of Sealand, and a Reverend with the Universal Life Church. Basically if some entity offers honorific titles online with minimal effort on my part, I am all about it.
  • My name is green and yellow according to my color alphabet.
  • I'm a Ravenclaw with some Hufflepuff tendencies.
  • I used to be a reporter for a small town newspaper in Georgetown, Texas. Once I wrote an article about people in town who shared names with famous people. There was a Woodrow Wilson and four Charlie Browns.